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Unboxing the Resolve VCU

So we decided to go with the Resolve VCU for our conversion of the Jumbuck, this VCU is made by Resolve-EV in Gothenburg, Sweden. Isak is an amazing bloke, and…

Christopher ScottFebruary 27, 20211 min read
How far would you drive on average?

How far would you drive on average?

So I recently did a poll on the Zip Ties. Community Facebook Group, a group of over 170,000 Car enthusiasts to try and get a feel for how far people…

Christopher ScottJuly 30, 2020
Project Car + More Thoughts on CANBUS

Project Car + More Thoughts on CANBUS

So we haven’t done a blog post in a while, and we thought we’d get into it today and make a new post on the site. Can’t let it sit…

Christopher ScottJuly 11, 2020
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We want to hear from you!

So if you have been coming to our website for a while, you may have noticed that in addition to the poll on our front page, we also have a couple of contact forms available. One is for a conversion kit expression of interest, and one is for registered mechanical workshops that may be interested in going down the EV conversion path in the future.

If you fit into one of these categories, please let us know by clicking the links below: