Harden Electric News General Motors pulls Holden in Australia

General Motors pulls Holden in Australia

And another big automaker has closed in Australia!

With the closure of General Motors Holden in Australia as of the 20th of October 2020, a major Australian Automotive Giant has ended sales in Australia.

General Motors has announced that the lack of sales from the Holden Brand in Australia means that it is no longer viable to sell cars in Australia.

This not only includes the Thai factory building Holden vehicles, but the sale of the Lang Lang proving ground to be sold as well.

Of the 180 Holden Dealerships in Australia,m luckily the majority are Multi-Brand enterprises, however 18 of the dealerships in Australia are stand alone dealerships, which may face tough times ahead.

General Motors EV Portfolio?

General motors has indicated that due to the closure of Holden, this means that the entire General Motors portfolio is off the table, and for the General Motors Electric portfolio? Well, looks like that is gone from Australia as well.

This means that we will no longer see the possibility of a Holden Bolt, nor the GMC Hummer EV coming to Australia. Which personally I see as quite a shame, as I really liked the idea of the Holden Hummer EV as an option, a big electric tank so to speak. Alas, no more.

So what now?

Well, from here I guess this means that the best option for an Australian Built Electric Sports Car will be to keep an eye on Harden ?

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