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Harden Electric Merchandise

Wow, so to say that the interest that we have had since launching Harden Electric has been huge is an understatement and a half, the support has been absolutely massive.

We have had literally heaps of messages asking how people can support us in bringing Australia’s newest sportscar brand to fruition, and at the moment, there’s not a great deal that the average consumer can do, but we would love to see you get the word out.

So to that end, we have decided to throw up some merchandise quickly onto the site that you can buy, you may have seen the link at the top of the blog already, big letters, merchandise.

Here are a couple of our select items you can buy:

Sorry if there isn’t a huge selection at this point in time, we were a bit pressed to try and get this up so quickly, we honestly didn’t expect the level of support that we have received, however you can be rest assured that all proceeds from the merchandise will go into us helping set up the next great Australian car company.


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