Harden Electric News How COVID-19 is affecting our operations

How COVID-19 is affecting our operations

So we know that a lot of people have been following us earnestly on Facebook and wanting to know how we are going, and we know a massive number of people love the idea of an Australian made Electric Sportscar, or just the simple concept of an Australian made car in general. We think this crisis is now showing people how much our reliance on China pervades our society, and our reliance on other nations for that matter.

To that end, we are still planning, still concepting (is that a word? Spell check says it is) and all that Jazz, however we have been slowed down. A lot of the experts we have been talking with on both design for the body, construction of the body, and the powertrain, batteries, and all that kind of stuff are mostly located in the United States of America, and worse, they are in states with “Stay at home” orders.

So this means that communication, normally already slow due to time delays and such is now slower and more of a pain, due to stay at home orders and dodgy internet connections slowing us down, as well as the fact that we can’t actually get any prototyping done, nothing assembled, and nothing really shipped at this stage. Frustrating, I know!

But rest assured we have not forgotten the idea, the concept, to steal a line from The Castle, the “Vibe”, we are getting there!

In the meantime, if you want to show your support and get the word out there that there is a new kid on the block, check out our merchandise!

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