Harden Electric Blog Poll: Would you be interested in Electric Conversions to your ICE Vehicle?

Poll: Would you be interested in Electric Conversions to your ICE Vehicle?

G’Day Guys,

With all the COVID-19 stuff going on, planning to launch Australia’s first electric built sportscar has been delayed, which is a great shame to us, as the timeframes for discussion, design, and development have been blown way out of proportion for now.

However we have had quite a few enquiries about people that are interested in getting their vehicles converted to electric, and that is an intriguing proposition to us, so we are interested in what you have to say about all this, and whether you would be interested in having your vehicle converted to electric.

Would you be interested in converting your current vehicle to Electric?

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Next we need to know what kind of vehicle you currently have, this will help us decide what the target market is, and what most people currently own

What type of vehicle do you own?

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Lastly, as combustion vehicles are often not designed with electric range in mind, there are some compromises that need to be made, one of them is range, so unfortunately, you won’t see 800+km EV’s just yet, especially out of a conversion. However, electric does offer quite a number of advantages, such as if there’s a power point, there’s a petrol station (so to speak), and electric vehicle chargers are starting to become far more common, filling your EV wherever you go is becoming easier, and a lot of places, such as shopping centres are starting to offer free charging to entice EV owners to visit their shopping centre.

You can check out the PlugShare map below to see chargers near you:

What kind of range would you be looking to achieve?

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Thankyou for your answers!

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