Harden Electric News SE QLD EV Charger Expressions of Interest

SE QLD EV Charger Expressions of Interest

Do you live in South East QLD?

As part of our planning to move forward with building Australia’s first EV, we thought it best to help get a charging network in place. Now we know that you can use PlugShare to help you find inner city chargers, and that there are heaps of chargers in the cities of Australia.

But where is regional Australia? Why are the towns and rural areas being left out?

Well, if you live in a SE QLD Regional Area, tell us below why your town needs an EV Charger!

SE QLD Electric Car Charger Town Application Form

Do you live in a town in SE QLD?

Do you want an electric car charger in your town?

Let us know below!

Select all that apply

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