Harden Electric Blog Some of the latest Thunderbuck Challenges

Some of the latest Thunderbuck Challenges

OK, I thought it was about time that I did a post on where the Jumbuck project is currently sitting and what is taking it so long to get finished.

This is mainly because I’ve received quite a lot of commentary on social media asking me when it will be done and when I will be driving around town.

Now for those of you that have built a project car in the past you may know the trials and tribulations that go on with having a project car, and for those of you that have done something entirely new and different you would also know that sometimes things are not as they seem and that not everything always goes to plan.

With the Jumbuck project that has been quite a lot of things that have gone on in the last three years which have prevented me from achieving the project as fast as I would like to.

So let’s go through with some of the issues that I have been facing:

Material and parts supply

Now given that this is 2023, unless some people have been living under a rock, a big part of my issues have been with parts supply, chip shortages, simply being able to find Steel, Wire, or even wire terminals at a price that isn’t exorbitantly expensive and ludicrous.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I was originally like “Bada bing, bada boom, weld this to that, bolt this to that, and she’ll be right!”

Nope. Not that simple.

I need a certain grade of fastener, need a certain type of steel, need a certain wire quality, or shielded wire, need to get something Non-Destructive Tested or buy something off the shelf and modify the design to suit the part I can get, etc.

Design Challenges

You ever had the best thought process on how to do something? And then you get to that moment, you are about to get it done, and realize it was a stupid idea?

Yeah, that’s been half of this project. Spend days, maybe weeks, designing, researching, fabricating, checking, and getting something together.

Then move onto the next challenge, and realize the bit you did 3 steps ago is in the way and you need to remake it.

I’m literally doing something that has never been done before, and there’s challenges.

Where are the YouTube Videos?


Rather than a video here and there, change of plans. I am filming, editing, and getting things done.

My hope is that once she can roll in and out of the shed on 4 wheels again with a battery under her, there will be some more videos.

You will get a regular bunch of videos every week for a few weeks once she is at the next stage of the build. That’s the plan.


Another issue, I just haven’t had the time in my days. Family, friends, dealing with other personal things in my life that have needed to happen, things have been hectic. Hence why CAD, Fabrication, Filming, Editing, and fitout has been taking heaps longer.


There has been talks where I am of the regulations regarding this kind of project changing, and I have been needing to keep a close eye on the plans, and what is changing, and getting ready to se what happens.

This has meant that I have had to put some things on hold while I wait and see what they are doing with the regs, rather than get days,. weeks, or months down a certain path, and then realize it all need to go in the bin and me start a section of the project over from scratch.

Learning new things

Probably goes hand in hand with design challenges, but you get this idea that you are going to do it a certain way, you start doing the thing the way you though was the best way to do the thing, and then you read an article, watch a video, look at yourself and think “Well that’s a much easier/better way to do it”

And then you have to go off and change things.

Sometimes you just find a better way to do it, I’m actually going to be using a new product that wasn’t released when I started this project, so there’s that too.

I’m chasing perfection, and sometimes it leads to….

Letting perfect be the enemy of good

I spend 5 weeks fabricating, refabricating, and redoing a part.

Not because it wouldn’t work.

Not because it wasn’t suitable.

Not because it was in the way of other parts.

I didn’t like it, so it wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t perfect in my eyes, so it had to be done. Then done again, done a third, fourth, fifth, sixth time.

That’s something that you end up going in circles over.


Sorry guys, I’m trying here.

My plans keep getting pushed back, screwed around, screwed over, and screwed up.

Let’s see if I can get this thing driving for Christmas.

That’s my plan, and if you could all hold me to it, that’d be swell.

If you’d like to, please support the project by Buying a T-Shirt or something.

I dunno, I can’t make you. I’m not your dad.

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