What we are aiming to do with conversions – CANBUS

So the other day whilst browsing YouTube, we came across an interesting video of an RX8 conversion in the UK where the gentleman has been converting his RX8 to electric for a general hobby.

So we gave it a watch, and he covered how he has been using an Arduino to counter the CANBUS crap that is in his car and make his car think that it still has a normal engine fitted to it.

Hang on a second? For years we were told that CANBUS was this mythical magical thing that was hard to fool and harder to replicate….and this bloke has bypassed it with a bloody Arduino!

Well, if that’s the case, than we are very hopeful that sooner than expected, we will have an ideal plug and play solution for you all to use to do your conversions.

We have also had some great discussions with a few workshops around Australia that wish to get on board with conversions once we have nutted out the parts required and have some kits available, so, if you want a kit, please get over to our contact form on kits and fill it out to let us know what car you have.

If you are a workshop that is interested in doing conversions to expand your skill sets, please, let us know via our other contact form!

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